Friday, February 28, 2014


I was so honored to be featured on Laylon today in their first "INSPIRED" segment. These two sisters are seriously talented when it comes to beauty and blogging, even Lucky Magazine thinks so! 

Here is a tiny bit of my interview with 1/2 of this sister team, Mary. See the entire post HERE and be sure to browse Laylon for some killer beauty tips.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Your friends are honored and excited when asked to be a bridesmaid, don't make them regret saying yes. What you do in the first few months of wedding planning are crutial to make sure your bridesmaids don't start hating your guts.
One of the first things you and your maids will do in preperation for your big day is choose the bridesmaid dresses. Are you really going to make them spend $300 on something they will most likely throw away at the end of the night? I.E. that same frilly crinkle chiffon monstrosity that everyone from J.Crew to Vera Wang makes (you know which one I'm talking about). I've seen it in almost every wedding on Style Me Pretty in every shade imaginatble. Be original. Chances are they have already purchased this same dress for another wedding and they never wore it again. Why would they? It looks like a raging bridesmaid dress. They are spending a lot of money on your wedding; showers, gifts, bachelorette party, hotel rooms. They are prepared to shell out $250+ on the dress, it comes with the territory, the least you can do is choose something they will LIKE and wear again. You don't want your bridesmaids bitching to eachother about the heinous dress you made them buy, do you? Didn't think so. Being a bridezilla is never cute. Be a good friend.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


ZARA overalls // MADEWELL sweater // ZARA boots (old) // CELINE sunnies // MICHAEL KORS watch

Dear Overalls,

I have loved you since I was a child. You are so easy and always look cool. I love you for all seasons; In the summer with a crop top, and in the winter with a cable knit sweater. You are always there for me when I have a day filled with errands; from the factory to the fabric warehouse to shipping orders. Your many pockets free my hands and give my bag a rest, and I apprecaite that. 

Forever Yours,



I was so beyond honored when Nashville blogger and freind Meredith Mills aka MISS MOODY asked to feature me as her February muse. I love the idea behind her monthly "muses". It's about inspiring and supporting other women and encouringing their efforts. I've never been called a muse before, but I don't hate it. Her blog is amazing, you should definately check it out. Read my interview below.

labeling natalie as a moody muse is an obvious concept. from freshman year of college when all of the girls in our dorm basically shared one closet (or so it would seem to any outsider with decent vision), she always managed to stand out with her flair for giving a casual “rushing to class” ensemble just as much of a cool factor as she did for her friday night looks. the lady obviously hasn’t lost her knack for styling and it’s clear she’s at the top of her game with creating a line that carries just as much confidence and fun as the woman behind it. if you’ve had the fortune to meet natalie, you know that is exactly what her core is: confident and fun. so forget that her closet makes me as jealous as i am of eva mendes, she’s an inspiration to me because on top of being ambitious enough to turn her talent into a business, she’s got a whole lot of personality. and this is why i admire her so much. in a field that often seems to value appearance foremost and being able to kick back and laugh as a lesser quality, it’s refreshing to get a glimpse at a designer who is both beautiful and a really good time (trust me, i’ve been to mexico with her. she’s a great time). and of course one that is extremely talented and super knowledgable about their customer. natalie deayala collection blends a fresh look at fashion with timeless silhouettes which seems impossible to pull off, but if anyone could do it, it’s nat. get to know a little bit more about this unique designer :
moodymuse copy
thank you! i have had a love/hate relationship with my hair my whole life. it’s crazy thick, so it takes forever to blow out. to save time in the morning i dry it at night and then sleep in braided pigtails. in the morning i undo them, flip and shake and touch up the ends with a curling iron if needed. i think it creates more effortless and natural looking waves. NAT20NAT2
my style has totally evolved through the years. i don’t think i truly found my real personal style until i moved to NYC. i have always been a risk taker when it comes to fashion, but i think i definitely get ballsier with age. i used to care way more about labels and looking “pretty” when i was younger. now i just dress for me and i could care less about labels. i’ll wear a lot of things that “college natalie” would have never dared to.NAT3
thank you! i never tire of leather jackets, grey sweatshirts and distressed denim. they continue to be staples in my wardrobe season after season.nat18nat4
haha, love that! andrew and i were recently engaged and had just moved to SF from NYC. i was searching for bridesmaid dresses and became frustrated with the lack of stylish options. i noticed that bridesmaids were wearing the same dresses in every wedding I saw, and found them so frilly and outdated. i myself had been in multiple weddings where i had to buy the same $250+ dress in different colors, never to be worn again. i wanted my bridesmaids dresses to be chic, modern and timeless. i thought that there should be a line of dresses and gowns that you would actually buy for yourself but could also be used as bridesmaid dresses.nat13NAT5
thank you! it was pretty cool. i was more excited about seeing my bridesmaids dressed and ready than myself! i’d grab the photographer and say, “that’s a great shot of the dresses. can you get that?”
he just got really happy when i read him that. he is clueless. i have to lay his outfits out and pack his bag when he goes on business trips. if it were up to him he would wear basketball shorts and his favorite grey tee shirt everyday.NAT8
she’s a cool chick, a trendsetter. she has great style and an effortlessness about her that makes her imitable. my celebrity style crush is taylor tomasi hill. i love how she mixes unexpected pieces together and she plays with proportions beautifully. she always looks amazing, but never looks like she tried too hard.nat16NAT9
thank you! get creative. try mixing unexpected things like putting a chunky sweater over a mini dress with a beanie. why not? have fun with your wardrobe. layering is key. nat17NAT10
i put my earphones in and go for a walk. we’re pretty spoiled in SF; it’s such a beautiful city and kind of hard to stay down for long. i used to constantly be inspired by the street style in NYC. i get my fix by browsing fashion blogs and daily.nat15NAT11
i not only want to reinvent the bridesmaid dress forever, but also want to see my ready-to-wear in stores all over the country eventually. as a designer, i want to evolve to have full collections each season while keeping my same minimal aesthetic. i am only getting started with natalie deayala collection and i’m so excited to see what the future holds.
keep the lovely pieces coming, nat! i have no doubt we will be seeing your work in the big fashion glossies in the near future!nat22


Becca Tobin, who plays mean girl Kitty Wilde on Glee wore The Boxy Crop to The Young Storytellers Foundation Saturday night...

...and AGAIN today!

She looks amazing... I don't blame her for wearing it twice in one week.


Monday, February 24, 2014



The High Neck Mini is one of my most versitle pieces. It's such a classic and chic dress by itself but is so easily transformed with a couple key pieces. The possibilites are endless with this one. 
Here, I styled it with a boxy cropped sweatshirt, a beanie, and high tops for a sporty look. For a sophisticated spin layer it over a a crisp white button down.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

G A M E / / O N

CAMEO dress // ISABEL MARANT high tops // CELINE sunnies // AMERICAN APPAREL hat

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